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Andrea McComish


Andrea McComish | STC

After an extensive period overseas travelling in Europe and Central and South America, Andrea eventually settled into life back in New Zealand.

Dealing with the myriad of personality types she had encountered on her travels enabled her to settle well into her work managing commercial and personal claims for IAG insurance. This is a role she managed for two years and which required empathy and organisational skills as well as a good understanding of insurance underwriting.  For her next challenge she took up a new position at a bank (BNZ) as a Personal Banker.  This was a good fit for Andrea, after working in the insurance sector, and she enjoyed dealing with the public and creating solutions for customers to achieve their financial goals.   

After some time spent at home with her young children, Andrea rejoined the work force doing Accounts and Payroll for a local business on a part time basis.

Andrea’s skill set is an ideal match for her role at STC, where she manages our projects, including the organisational processes that underpin everything we do, as well as coordinating the post training research of our clients and participants.


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