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Amanda Murphy

BA (Honours) Social Policy, Major in Psychology, Dip Marketing

Amanda Murphy | Sales Trainer STC NZEarly in her career Amanda became ‘famous’ in the northern region of Scotland after appearing in a highly successful advertising campaign, promoting the concept of advertising on the region’s transport network. Amanda helped local business use this medium to promote their businesses and used this experience to build a successful career in advertising, publishing and business development.

Amanda has held key management positions at ACP Media, DMG World Media and Fairfax Media and as head of her own consulting company, AJM Consulting. Her background includes NZ and UK experience in publishing, sales, marketing, business development and client management. Amanda has developed and launched market leading websites, for example the Trader division of ACP, where she also created media sales opportunities to ensure the organisation’s revenue targets were achieved. While running her own consultancy Amanda generated tens of millions of media revenue for her client organisations; and this is at the same time as managing the TV production of her client’s campaigns. Amanda uses her extensive and successful sales experience to provide sales coaching to our training participants, in order to ensure that what they have learned during sales training translates into bigger opportunities and greater sales for their organisation. Amanda provides expert guidance to our clients and manages the production of our audio-visual projects.


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