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Julia Sherwood

BA Majoring in Psychology & Education, Dip Corp Management, Dip Sales Management, PGDip Adult Education

Julia Sherwood | Sales Training Specialist | STC NZ, Australia

Julia is the founder of STC which she established over twenty years ago. Julia comes from an award winning background in sales and business management having grown the revenue and market share of all the organisations she represented and led. In those roles she prioritised training and coaching for her staff  and as a result developed a wide range of programmes based on psychological principles and real-world experience. When she established STC she used her extensive experience combined with evidence based psychological principles to develop a now well-proven sales process for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments.

The programmes offered by STC include communication, sales, leadership and business development skills. Julia has honed her craft through her own experience in the United Kingdom and Australasia and her study of Adult Learning principles. She manages the STC team and is involved in leading client projects, the instructional design of bespoke client programmes and providing advice and support to build revenue for STC client organisations.


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