Customised Sales Team & Sales Management Training

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How do we work with our clients?

Watch the videos below to find out

What do we do?

STC helps organisations succeed by developing the sales & business development skills of their client-facing people.

Who do we work with?

We work with a broad range of organisations, each providing a professional service. What they have in common is the need to effectively communicate their unique benefits to their current and prospective client base, so that their client base GROWS.

How do we help our clients grow?

We learn about our client’s organisational objectives and the specific needs of their clients – and then design bespoke learning and development programmes to improve their sales and business development processes. We then work with the organisation’s client-facing people to develop skills and confidence – all within an engaging learning environment, reinforced with robust follow up.

How do we achieve success?

Once we have conducted our research we develop a bespoke sales and business development programme. Our experienced facilitators deliver engaging face-to-face workshops and this learning is reinforced and assessed via online learning, email feedback and/or one-to-one personalised coaching. This sales-focused learning and development provides our client's sales teams with the skills and motivation to greatly improve client satisfaction and organisational revenue.

What makes STC different?

Many things set us apart – here’s a few:

  1. We only offer bespoke L&D programmes. Our clients tell us repeatedly that this has been what makes STC sales programmes successful for their organisations
  2. We relentlessly follow up post-training to make sure that what was learned - gets actioned. We care about getting the result our clients need
  3. STC consultants/presenters have each been highly successful sales operators in their fields, growing clients, teams and organisations
  4. We have a real-world approach to sales growth. We know that those we work with want and need practical skills and tools they can immediately implement. They also want their existing experience and knowledge to be respected, so that they can participate in an interactive and relevant learning experience. These are some of the reasons participants tell us they enjoy our sales development programmes.
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